J O H A N N ’ S


Community Engagement and Representation

  • Representation and participation by and for all River Forest residents.

  • Seek the common good by bridge-building across opposing viewpoints.

  • Keep River Forest economically diverse by advocating for housing diversity.

  • Expand the River Forest/Maywood Twin Village Covenant.

  • Engage with neighboring villages to leverage collective buying power.

Long-Term Focus

  • Grow Disaster Prevention Capacity with long-term solutions for future flooding and hazardous material catastrophes.

  • Create a 5-year plan to expand arts and sports tourism to the area.

  • Explore special funding through private and public grants to ease tax burden.

Village Beauty, Arts, and Sports

  • Establish an Arts Organization in River Forest to curate & facilitate community arts programs.

  • Partner with youth, schools, and colleges to embrace River Forest as a center for the arts and sports.

J O H A N N ’ S


Safe Walking Routes

As part of the Traffic & Safety Commission, Johann worked on developing safe routes to walk to school

Commuter Parking Study

Johann worked with the Traffic & Safety Commission to strategically manage parking in our landlocked village

Sound Abatement Pilot Study

Johann worked tirelessly on behalf of his neighbors to install cutting edge rail noise abatement and safety fencing near their homes

Twin Village Covenant

Johann has been involved in the development of the Maywood/River Forest Twin Village Covenant.

JO H A N N ’ S


The Activist Toolkit is a wonderful resource for near west suburban residents wanting to know more about the qualifications, experience and positions of their local candidates.

Read all about me and my candidacy on the Activist Toolkit.