ERIKA BACHNER, River Forest Trustee:

"Johann is just what River Forest needs right now at the Village Trustee board table. He is committed to the safety, equity and future of River Forest. As a member of our Traffic & Safety Commission and past member of the Flood Control Committee, Johann has the institutional knowledge of River Forest’s infrastructure important to this role. His recent leadership in getting the Union Pacific West Line to put up sound abatement and safety equipment has made our community better and safer. Any time you are able to, as a resident, get our State Representatives, State Senators and Congresspeople to take notice and have a utility update their practices; that is the work of a tenacious change agent. And all of this is done through Johann’s lens of advocacy, equity and bridge-building, work he has done throughout his entire career and life."

KRISTIN COE, River Forest Resident:

“I am a HUGE Johann supporter! We were on a diversity committee together years ago and I’ve always adored him. Great intellect, great humility and-having seen the devastation caused by the flooding-great reserve in trying to find a solution going forward rather than simply finger pointing in the rear view mirror.”

MEGAN KESKITALO, River Forest Resident:

“The more I learn about Johann Buis, the prouder I am to support his candidacy for Village Trustee. Johann is brilliant, a professor, a scholar and the beating heart of our neighborhood. He stands up for what is right and acts with integrity, always. As a community member, his deep involvement with and knowledge of pressing issues is vital to our board table. His impressive knowledge of River Forest infrastructure is especially important as we address climate change and navigate our increasing flood risk. His compassion, learned under the harshest of conditions, is exactly what we need to solidify our commitment to equity. His common sense is vital to maintaining the spirit of River Forest as we navigate our way out of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic aftermath. Johann embodies Vision, Integrity and Advocacy and will be an incredible River Forest Village Trustee.”