Dear Neighbors,

My name is Johann Buis. For the last 23 years my wife and I have raised two daughters in River Forest (RF) while being active members of the community.

I love River Forest and I stand for Vision, Integrity and Advocacy.

I learned to advocate for my community by watching my father achieve impossible goals despite our oppression in apartheid South Africa. He taught me to go beyond the status quo, to build bridges between people who don’t understand each other and to repudiate hate. From grade school on, I’ve championed the common good of those around me.

Learn about my background here.

Now I am continuing that tradition by running for Village Trustee. My neighbors know me through my long record of public service here in the village. I am a current traffic and safety commissioner, I was one of three community members on the Flood Task Force after the flooding in 2008, and was an active District 90 parent on the Diversity Committee while my children were in the district.

Learn about my positions here.

Vote for me and I pledge to bring the salt of preservation against the decay of any hatred and light where darkness obstructs our path toward excellence and the common good of humanity.

As a Village Trustee I will continue to work hard on your behalf, listen, and find the creative solutions our community needs.

Thank you,

Johann Buis